How the gaming industry is changing the World

23 January 2022The already thriving, multi-billion dollar gaming economy is expanding even further as more individuals participate in, watch, and broadcast esports. It’s a good idea to catch up on gaming industry news this weekend, as the Call of Duty League (#CDL2022) holds its Kickoff Classic amid the backdrop of industry consolidation. Get more in-depth … Read more

All About Development Of Motor Sports

Over its 154-year existence, motorsport has evolved significantly. Gone are the days of 8 mph steam carriages trundling through Victorian Manchester’s suburbs, and in their place are aerodynamic £10 million Formula One speed machines that scorch straight sections at 220 mph. Modern technology has been reflected in the evolution of motorsport, which has allowed for … Read more

60,000 emails are taken by Chinese hackers in a State Division attack.

Attendees were informed by the officers and State Division Chief Data Officer Kelly Fletcher that the hack primarily targeted diplomatic efforts in the Indo-Pacific region because nine out of the ten compromised State Division email accounts belonged to individuals involved in these matters. The other official was focused on Europe. The employee said that the … Read more