How the gaming industry is changing the World

23 January 2022The already thriving, multi-billion dollar gaming economy is expanding even further as more individuals participate in, watch, and broadcast esports. It’s a good idea to catch up on gaming industry news this weekend, as the Call of Duty League (#CDL2022) holds its Kickoff Classic amid the backdrop of industry consolidation. Get more in-depth knowledge on the important subjects, such as:

  • the digital ecosystems driving the modern economy’s rising globalization
  • How can brands increase their awareness and trust in esports?
  • Why video games don’t easily convert to digital subscriptions
  • further applications of gamification in business

The C-suite: what is it?

December 17, 2023 The most powerful group of individuals ever to be identified by their office block is known as the C-suite. A company’s leaders make up the C-suite, which typically consists of the CEO and CFO. Depending on the type of business the company does, there may be other C-suite leaders. A chief revenue officer, for instance, would probably be present in a sales company; a chief technology officer would undoubtedly be present in a tech company that deals with the general public. We go deep into the C-suite in our inaugural Explainers collection, dissecting the most typical leadership roles and their interrelationships. What excites you the most about the C-suite of today? the reality that it is evolving. Executives at companies are become more effective by embracing a wider range of perspectives.According to Alexis Krivkovich, a senior partner at McKinsey, “two-thirds of women under 30 want to be senior leaders.” Given that only one in four members of the C-suite are women today, that is tremendously exciting. Nevertheless, women under 30 declare, “I want to be there at the top,” as they glance up.

Resolving the Nature Nexus: Water, Land Use, Agriculture, and Food

December 10, 2023 There are ways to decarbonize the food industry, including cutting down on food loss and waste, changing our diets, and changing the way we use arable land. However, the majority of farmers and billions of consumers will need to change their habits and behaviors in order to apply these at scale. In a recent paper, Vasanth Ganesan, Joshua Katz, Peter Mannion, and coauthors from McKinsey wrote, “Farmers are central to the sustainability transition, but they do not yet have sufficient incentives to adopt new methods and technologies.” Check out these ideas to explore the incentives needed for a net-zero and nature-positive food system transition on day 11 of COP28.

Expanding carbon markets that are voluntary and carbon removals

December 9, 2023 The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states that in order to lessen the effects of rising global temperatures, the world must swiftly achieve net-zero emissions. Without carbon dioxide removal (CDR), there can be no net zero. By 2050, a CDR sector that can do gigaton-scale removals at net-zero levels would be valued as much as $1.2 trillion, according to Peter Mannion, Emma Parry, Mark Patel, and other McKinsey writers. Check out these insights from day 10 of COP28 to learn about the role of CDR in the global climate transition and the significant social, economic, and environmental co-benefits it can have.

The shift in materials: scalable, circular, and sustainable

December 11, 2023 Materials make up about 20% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Although this creates difficulties in difficult-to-abate subsectors, it also creates chances for innovators to obtain or make low-carbon materials. In a recent paper, Maria Gusakova, Thomas Hundertmark, Michel Van Hoey, and coauthors from McKinsey wrote, “While several uncertainties remain about how the materials transition will play out, governments and companies can plan strategic actions that are resilient across a broad range of outcomes.” Examine these insights as COP28 draws to a close to comprehend the obstacles to the supply of green materials, the steps and facilitators needed to decarbonize materials, and what is needed to seize new opportunities.

Decarbonizing the built environment and transportation sectors

December 6, 2023According to Kersten Heineke, Timo Möller, and coauthors in a recent McKinsey Quarterly paper, the transportation industry accounted for nearly 20 percent of worldwide greenhouse-gas emissions in 2020, with private cars contributing more than 40 percent of the total. A comprehensive approach that goes beyond tailpipe emissions is needed to decarbonize the built environment and transportation sectors. How much will it cost? Check out these thoughts from day 7 of COP28 to learn how the industry can move more quickly toward decarbonization.

Global viewpoints on energy

December 4, 2023In recent years, the conversation about energy has changed significantly. In a recent article, senior partner Micah Smith and coauthors state that “there is a high degree of uncertainty about the path ahead, including how energy supply and demand, competitive and geopolitical dynamics, and societal implications will evolve.” “But one thing is certain: the pursuit of inexpensive, dependable, and sustainable energy will be at the center of world ambitions.” Check out these insights from day five of COP28 to learn about the distinct requirements, difficulties, opportunities, and strategies of various regions. You’ll also learn how crucial it is for local, regional, and international stakeholders to work together to find sustainable solutions for a future free of carbon emissions.

Prepared to step up your cloud security efforts? This is how

November 29, 2023Businesses realize they must invest in technology, especially the cloud, in order to generate value, but doing so exposes them to new risks. The threat’s reach is expanding, and no organization is safe. Businesses all throughout the world spend 11% of their yearly IT budget on cybersecurity. However, a more proactive strategy for digital resilience and security is required. An essential component of the approach is creating a cybersecurity skill pool, allocating funds according to risk, and incorporating security measures into cloud architecture and plans. All set to go? Check out these tips from McKinsey’s Akash Lal and coauthors from day three of AWS re:Invent to protect your company against cybersecurity threats. As well as save this page for a seven-day series on the subjects that will take center stage at #reInvent this year.

The year of the (business) books is 2023.

19 November 2023You won’t come across a good leader who isn’t always looking to learn new things and grow himself. The most successful leaders regularly schedule reading time into their hectic schedules; if you have goals, you should do the same. But how can you choose what to read next when there are so many books available? McKinsey is here to help. Check out the most recent rankings in a variety of categories, including business, decision-making, organizational behavior, workplace culture, and more, to discover what’s the best-selling business book in the US. The rankings are created exclusively for McKinsey Publishing by Circana and are updated monthly. If time is of the essence, take a look at the highlights from any of our more than 150 interviews with writers of business books (the most well-liked Author Talks interviews from 2023 are shown below). For the newest page-turners, subscribe to our free monthly newsletter, Readers & Leaders, if you’d rather catch up in your mailbox. Enjoy your reading!

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