How to Use a Controller and Button Mapping to Play Almost Any Android Game

Do you want to play a game that doesn’t support controllers with yours? Then, your greatest ally is button mapping.

While many gamepads are available to convert your smartphone into a handheld device, very few Android games are truly compatible with physical controls. Thankfully, you can use apps to map buttons to other areas of the screen and fix this issue.

Button Mapping?

The process of manually figuring out what happens when you hit a button on your keyboard or game controller is known as button mapping. Playing games on Android devices usually entails programming buttons to trigger different areas of the touchscreen in order to make games that don’t support controllers work.

You may simulate sliding your thumb around the left side of the screen, for instance, by using the analog stick. Tapping on the right side of the screen can be emulated by pressing the A button. Assigning a real button to the location of each virtual controller makes the process easier for games that have a virtual game controller splayed over the screen.

How to Begin Using Android Button Mapping

Android doesn’t come with button mapping built in, so you’ll need to use a third-party program, such as Mantis Gamepad Pro, which is among the better solutions available.

Mantis Gamepad Pro download

1.You must clear a set of obstacles in order to activate Mantis Gamepad Pro after installing it from the Play Store. The application effectively guides you through every step:

2.Turn on floating widgets: When you play a game, the Mantis widget will float around the edge of your screen.
3.Turn on USB debugging to allow the app access to the components of your phone that it needs to work.
Permit overlays above settings: This lets Mantis to appear above other apps with instructions so it can walk you through the settings you need to activate.
4.Turn on wifi debugging to gain access to your phone’s essential components. This works similarly to Android USB debugging. 5.Pair via wireless debugging: This method connects your phone with Mantis Gamepad Pro.

As per the developer’s statement, this method permits you to activate and employ physical controls without facing suspension from participating in specific online games.

You also need to connect a controller to your phone as part of the setup process. Mantis ought to recognize your gamepad immediately, regardless of whether you use a clamshell-style gamepad like the Raser Kishi V2 that we reviewed or a Bluetooth controller with your Android smartphone.

How to Give an Android Game Buttons

Typically, button mapping software necessitates activating the option for each game. Use Mantis Gamepad Pro to accomplish this by doing these steps:

1.In the Games area, tap the Add Game button.
2.Next to the game you want to utilize with Mantis, tap the plus (+) icon.
3.Navigate to Games and find the game. Although it’s not necessary to open the game from within the app in order for the capability to work, you can now do so.

A Mantis widget will be hovering on one side of the screen when the game launches. Selecting this widget will display the controller settings.

Every input on your controller, including the triggers, face buttons, and analog sticks, is selectable. Next, you drag the desired button press location on the screen. Additionally, Mantis Gamepad Pro supports gestures, so you may turn button presses into swipes as opposed to taps.

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